Exchange Policies

If you are not satisfied with the product you purchased or defect on the product, you may bring it back to the store where you originally purchased from, within the 7 days (from your purchase or delivery). Please provide us with the receipt for the exchange.

Pointers to note:

• Product and packaging must be in its original sellable condition accompanied with the receipt.
• Exchange should be performed at the original store of purchase.
• Customers must exchange for products of the same value or higher. There is no refund on cash or credit card but only exchanges for other products are allowed.
• Any free gifts, vouchers or accessories associated with the purchase must also be returned at the same time.
• Member points may be subjected to deduction if promotion points are given during the period of sale.

Our exchange policy is not applicable to "As It Is" product

It’s and custom-made paints from Nippon Colour Creation range & ICI paints.