How To Jumpstart Your Car (Auto Transmission)

Forgot to switch off your headlights or signal lights when you were in a rush and came back with your car's battery totally flat? You can either call for recovery or follow some of this D.I.Y tip to jump start your car.

To jump start your car, you can either do it the manual way or simply tap some power from a car nearby. To do it the manual way, you need to be driving a manual transmission car, if you are driving an automatic transmisison car, you cannot do it the manual way. To tap some power for another car, you need a pair of jump start cables and another driver to help you. Jump start cables are easily available in many professional workshops selling automobile accessories, if not you may just visit any of our Home-Fix D.I.Y stores located all over Singapore to find a pair in any of our auto assessories section.

jumpstart cables Jumpstart Cables


Step 1: Park the car with the running battery next to the dead car in such a way that the jumpstart cables can reach both batteries. Stop the engine of the running car. Simply open the hoods to identify where the batteries are.

Step 2: After the cars are parked in position, open the hoods of both cars and make sure both batteries are within the length of the jumpstart cable. Ensure that the connectors of both batteries are clean and clear from debrits.

Step 3: Get other driver to hold one end of the jumpstart cables and make sure that the two metallic (Red and Black) ends of the cables don't touch.

Step 4: Be sure both ignition switches are in the OFF position. Locate the "+" (RED) and "-" (BLACK) sides of each battery. They should be clearly marked on the battery itself. On newer cars the positive (+) side often has a red cover over the battery post and wires.

Step 5: Attach the red cable to the "+" side of the good battery, then attach the other end of the red cable to the "+" side of the dead battery.

Step 6: Attach the black cable to the "-" side of the good battery, then attach the other end of the black cable to  any metal part of the dead car.

Step 7: Now that both cars are connected, you can start the engine of the car with the good battery and leave it running for at least 30 seconds.

Step 8: Now start up the engine of the car with the dead battery. The car with the dead battery should start now.

Step 9: Now that the car with the dead battery is running, we can remove the cables. Remove the black cable from the dead car, then remove the red cable. Remember to be careful not to short circuit the two connectors.

Step 10: Remove the connectors from the car with the good battery.

Step 11: Let the car with the dead battery run for some time to ensure that the engine do not stall again and the battery is charging. Once we are sure that the car is running fine, drive off to the nearest workshop and get your car inspected.


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