An Idea to Stop Slippery Floors at Home

Slippery floors are a common problem in many households in Singapore. It doesn’t matter if you are staying in a HDB flat, condominium or landed property, as long as the surface is smooth, there is always a risk of falling down. Smooth and slippery areas in the house includes you balcony after a rainy day, bathroom, shower areas etc. Why not use that weekend or public holiday, do something useful to give your family an extra protection.

Stopping your floor from being slippery is not difficult, sticking anti-slip tapes, shower mats are some instant solutions, but if you think about the aesthetic look of your expensive renovation and the hygiene level of shower mats, we need something with style and almost invisible.

Anti-slip coating is such a solution that you can D.I.Y at home to make you home safe without compromising the looks! Anti-slip coating products are easily available in our Home-Fix stores island-wide. When buying an anti-slip product, be sure that it is certified, tested and recommended by professional certification agencies. The anti-slip product should also be:

  • AntiSlip covering used worldwide
  • Noticeable slip resistance
  • Adhesive on almost all surfaces transparent
  • Can be obtained in all RAL colours
  • Free of solvent
  • Anti-allergic & anti-bacterial
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Dirt and water repellent (Lotus blossom-effect)
  • TÜV-seal / EMPA tested & bfu security signs
  • Can be removed again

Anti Slip Solutions For Slippery Floors

When visiting our D.I.Y Stores, just approach any of our store crew to enquire about our anti-slip products, they will provide you the professional recommendations to counter slippery floors for your different needs.

If you need that slippery floor problem fixed but don’t have the time, simply contact our Do-It-For-You™ specialist, they will fix it for you professionally. Do also ask our Do-It-For-You™ specialist about the Home Audit service that they provide to ensure that your home is safe, cosy and comfortable.