Troubleshooting a Power Trip at Home

If one day, you have a blackout at home and all your neighbour's home has no problems, that could only mean either of the two causes.


  • You have forgotten to pay for you power bills, and the electric service provider cuts your power supply.
  • You have a faulty appliance or an overloaded appliance that caused the circuit breaker to trip at home.


If you have forgotten to pay for your electrical bills please do so, if you have already paid your bills, then it is highly possible that you have a power trip! Powertrips are usually caused by the following:


  • Faulty appliance
  • Faulty switches
  • Overloaded switches (running too many appliance on the same socket)
  • Faulty circuit breaker


Our first tip here is to keep a mini torch light handy at home, if not some candles will be good too, you've never know when you will need one of these!

Troubleshooting a powertrip is simple, just follow the steps below.


  • Locate where the circuit breaker is.
  • See if any of the switches has tripped, if no, that means the electrical fault is not caused by the appliances at home, you may want to call you building management personnels to identify the fault outside.
  • If the fault lies indoors, you will know that one of the switches on the circuit breaker has tripped.
  • If you can identify which switch in your home caused it, that is great, you can now check which electrical appliance caused the trip.
  • If you cannot identify which switch has caused the trip, you can start off by switching off all the switches in your home.
  • Once all the switches are in the off position, you are ready to do your own trouble-shooting.
  • You will now start to switch on the switches in your home one at a time.
  • As you go along switching "on" the switches one-by-one,the switch that caused the trip should trip the circuit-breaker again when you switch that on.
  • Once you have identified the faulty socket, switch off the switch and the circuit breaker.
  • Inspect the appliances connected to this switch and visually inspect for burnt fuses, exposed wires or any burnts on the 3-pin plugs.
  • If you are still not able to identify the cause, call for a qualifed technician to help you identify the cause.
  • Do not try to attempt any repairs on your own unless you know really well what you are doing or if you are qualifed if not please leave to the professionals.


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