Removing Ink Stains From Your Leather Sofa Using Alcohol

There are times when the young ones scribbles all over your home, what happens if they leave the ink marks on your sofa? The best bet is to hire a professional, if not, you may try our DIY tips below.


First, you need to identify what type of leather is it. There are 2 types of leather, naked and finished.

Naked Leather: has no protective coating and is extremely absorbent. Tougher to clean then the latter.

Finished Leather: More common, usually painted with a layer of protection. Tougher against stains.


Second, inspect how deep is the stain.

If the ink was simply swiped onto the surface, by a hand gesture for example, then the stain will not have soaked in deeply. Keep in mind, too, that water-based inks are easier to take up than are other inks, and the "wetter" the ink (that is, the longer it takes to dry), the easier it will come up.
If the ink has bled onto a surface, creating a round ink spot, it will have soaked deeply into the leather. This stain is difficult to recover from, and your only recourse may be to redye the leather.


Lastly, how to remove the stain.

Apply some alcohol on a cotton tip, apply the aclohol on a not visible part of the sofa to make sure that the alcohol will not damage the sofa. If you felt that the alcohol was safe on your soft, you may try to remove the stain on the sofa using the alcohol. If the stains is still unremovable, hire a professional leather cleaner. You may try to find some of our speciality cleaners in our estore.