Keeping Your Indoor Air Clean In The Haze

It wasn’t a pretty sight out there recently! The forest fires in Indonesia had become so bad that many Singaporeans were actually wearing oxygen masks to venture outside, or not go out at all!


While the air inside your home might not be as polluted as the air outside, you must understand that, if you are using a split air conditioner, your split air conditioner could potentially be re-circulating the same haze polluted air again and again, potentially posing a grave risk to the health of your respiratory system as well as loved ones’. Your split air conditioner’s effectiveness has also probably gone for a toss, as it struggles to generate cool air like it used to.


Thankfully, AIRCONcare provides you a very convenient, do-it-yourself split air conditioner cleaning kit that lets you thoroughly clean out your air conditioner in all of 10 minutes, at a fraction of the cost that you would typically pay for an industrial strength chemical cleaning.


After this short cleaning, your air conditioner will generate both remarkably clean and very cool air.


You also don’t have to set up those pesky appointments and move your schedule around, just to accommodate servicemen who can only come to clean your air conditioner at a certain time.

Watch the video to learn how AIRCONcare’s self-cleaning kit can provide you with clean and cool indoor air assurance in these difficult times.