Proper Wash For Your Car

Each car wash consist of special additional ingredients, eg, rust inhibitors, form a glossy water repellent barrier which protects and extended the effect of using wax polish. It also preserved the overall finish and appearance. 

Step 1
Generally, use 1 or 2 capfuls to a bucket of water. Always check the instructions on the bottle before use.

Step 2
Always wash the car from top to bottom to allow dirt to flow down and reduce the risk of scratching the bodywork when sponging. Sponge the car,one side at a time in downwards motion. Wash off the foam, before starting on the other side.

Step 3
After washing, it is highly recommended to use super absorbent cloth or chamois cloth. However, any other lint free cloth is also suitable. Drying the bodywork is important, as this will prevent watermarks on the surface.