The Right Gardening Tools

Here’s a basic kit:

This helps you locate positions on a map or in your surroundings.

Swiss Army Knife
An all-purpose camp knife with different blades such as basic blades, screwdrivers, awls, corkscrews, saws, scissors, pliers, etc. The more adventurous you are, the more comprehensive your knife should be.

LED Torchlight with spare batteries
These are very compact and give out a powerfully bright light.

Light Sticks
Keep a few packs of these in case your torch runs low on batteries.

Plastic/Metal Whistle
To alert others if you are in danger or to signal to your expedition members over long distances.

Extra glasses (if you use glasses)
Even if you don’t wear glasses, a magnifying glass can be useful for examining specimens or inspecting wounds in feet. Some pocket knives have a magnifying glass in their pouch.

If conditions are damp, use cigarette lighters instead.

Fire starters
Use these for your camp fire when all the available burning material is damp.

First Aid Kit
- Antiseptic Pads
- Gauze Pads
- Bottle of Iodine
- Bandages (various sizes)
You can buy a ready-made first-aid kit which contains everything you’ll need in an emergency. Be sure to read the booklet on how to deal with common problems.

Not for makeup! Use the mirror for signaling to expedition members. It can also be used to start your camp fire, using the reflection of the sun.

Plastic Poncho
It almost always rains, so be well prepared with a poncho that covers you and your bags completely.

Water Bottle
Another essential item. Choose a lightweight one with a strap and don't skimp on the size – 75ml to one litre is best.

Save your batteries and use candles. These can also assist in starting your campfire.

Nylon Cord or Rope
Never go anywhere without rope: it’s always useful for something, such as tying up broken shoes, packages and setting up camp in a wooded area.

Insect Repellent
Keep mosquito-free with natural citronella repellents, or buy an electronic device which emits a high-pitched sound to keep insects at bay.

Safety Pins
Useful for many things including securing bandages, clothing and bags. Don't leave home without them.