Fun With Colours

Colours can change your mood, so why not go for something that relieves the stress of a long day? When you come home, you can feel immediately relaxed in a calm environment. Or if you are bored, choose more daring combinations to get your creative juices flowing!

Hot colours
Red and Orange attract attention. For this reason, red is often used in graphic signs and designs. Hot colours are strong and aggressive and seem to vibrate within their own space.

Cold colours
Light blues remind us of ice and snow. Cold blue slows the metabolism and increases one’s sense of calm. When placed next to each other, cold and hot colours contrast, like fire and ice.

Warm colours
Pinks and greens are comforting, spontaneous and welcoming.

Cool colours
Blues and greens are like a swim in a refreshing, tropical pool. Like spring growth, they make us feel renewed. Soothing and calm, these hues provide a sense of depth as well as comfort.

Light colours
Open up the surroundings and suggest airiness, like sheer curtains at a window. They send us a message of relaxation, rest and tranquillity.

Dark colours
Concentrated and serious in their effect. Combining lights and darks together is a common and dramatic way to represent the opposites in nature, such as night and day.

Pale colours
Like ivory, light blue and pink, suggest gentleness. They can be seen in the clouds in the soft, early light of a misty morning. Because they are calming colours, pale hues are frequently used in interior spaces.

Bright colours
Vivid and attract attention. Exhilarating and cheerful, bright colours are perfect for use in packaging, fashion and advertising.

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