Installing a Cylindrical Knob Lock

Read the instructions that come with the lock set carefully before installing a new lock set:

Step 1:   Position the lockset template on the door.

Step 2:   Use a nail or an awl to mark the centre points of the cylinder and the latch bolt hole.

Step 3:   Use a hole saw and a drill to bore the hole.

Step 4:   Bore the latch bolt hole with a spade bit on the side of the door.

Step 5:   Insert the latch bolt into the side hole.

Step 6:   Assemble the cylinder with the latch bolt.


Step 7:   Score the outline of the strike plate on the doorframe with a utility knife.

Step 8:   Chisel the outline of the strike plate mortise.

Step 9:   Make a series of parallel cuts 1/4” apart.

Step 10:   Drive the chisel into the wood by lightly tapping the chisel end with a hammer.

Step 11:   Point the chisel down to lever out the waste gently.

Step 12:   Secure the strike plate to the mortise.