Clearing a Clogged Drain, Sewer or Toilet

Here are three ways to unblock your drainage: using a plunger, using a hand auger and using chemicals. Try the plunger way first before you resort to the other two methods.

Use a Plunger
The sink plunger creates an alternate pressure and vacuum in order to dislodge clogs. There should be enough water in the sink or tub to cover the rubber cup of the plunger. Place the plunger over the drain outlet and plunge up and down rapidly. Use one hand to plunge and the other to keep the cup in place over the drain.

Use a Hand Auger
This method is useful for stubborn blockages, or for ones that are far down a pipe and out of reach. The hand auger is a flexible shaft with a spiral hook that is inserted into the drain until it meets the blockage. Set the auger lock and crank the tool’s handle to break up the blockage.

Use Chemicals
Read the instructions on the bottle carefully before proceeding. Check whether the one you have is suitable for use in domestic drains such as in the toilet and kitchen. Chemicals can damage your pipes, so these should be used sparingly. They are also harmful to the environment.