How to maintain your rechargeable batteries?

1) When you charge the batteries for the first time, or if the batteries have been stored for a long time, it normally takes about 3 charge and discharge cycles for the batteries to reach full capacity. 

2) Discharging rechargeable batteries till they hold no charge at all can damage or destroy batteries. Here, the term, fully discharge, refers to the practice of using batteries until the device that they power does not operate normally or the device tells the user to replace the batteries, or discharging batteries to their lowest safe level in a "reconditioning" battery charger.

3) Many modern devices with sophisticated electronic circuitry turn themselves off when batteries are low. However, a simple device, such as a flashlight, might, if left on, discharge batteries so thoroughly that they become damaged.

4) NiCd and NiMH batteries can also be damaged by over charging. Once a battery has been recharged, it is recommended that users do not try to add additional charge to the battery by sending it through another recharge cycle before using the battery.

5) Do not charge batteries of different capacity at the same time.