Pamper Your Car

Find out how you can easily pamper your car in these easy steps using various automotive care products!


Step 1

Use a bodywork shampoo conditioner for cars. Generally, use 1 or 2 capfuls of the conditioner to a bucket of water. Always check the instructions before use.


Step 2

Always wash the car from top to bottom to allow dirt to flow down and reduce the risk of scratching the bodywork when sponging. Sponge the car, one side at a time, in a downwards motion. Wash off the foam before starting on the other side.


Step 3

After washing, use a super absorbent cloth or chamois cloth to dry the bodywork. Any other lint-free cloth is also suitable. Drying the bodywork is important, as this will prevent watermarks on the surface.


Step 4

Apply a good quality wax or polish to create a protective barrier over your paintwork and a high-gloss cosmetic effect.


Step 5

Use a good quality 100% cotton cloth to remove the wax from your car.


Step 6

Polish your wheel rims with a specialized metal polish to remove brake dust and tarnishing with micro-scratching. These come in lotions, creams and waxes.