Tips on Your Car Paint

DO - Rinse off the vehicle before washing. It cools down the metal, removes loose dirt, cakes of mud, etc.

DO - Rinse off your vehicle after it has been rained on, to minimise the effects of acid rain.

DO - Wash your car if you see bird droppings, dead bugs or other obvious contaminants building up on the paint surface.

DO - Always use a wet cloth for wiping the car, after rinsing the paint surface with water first.

DO - Use a tar remover for those stubborn spots that the car wash can't remove.

DO - Wax your car only after it has been thoroughly washed, to avoid sealing in any dirt.

DO - Wash from the top of the car to the bottom.

Don't - use laundry detergents or similar harsh soaps to wash your car. Harsh soaps will remove any protective wax as well as the oil in the paint, which will dry out the paint and make it look dull and flat.

Don't - Do not let water droplets dry in the sun on the paint, as these will cause water stains that are difficult to remove.

Don't - Do not use hard water (which contains minerals). It will leave a film on paint surfaces.

Don't - Avoid parking the car in the sun for an extended period of time. This will cause the paint to blister.