Child Proofing Your Home

General Safety for Your Child
Fix up gates to keep your baby from wandering into dangerous areas such as the kitchen, staircases, outer doors, etc. These are available in pressure-mounted (portable) and wall mounted (permanently) models.

Stick on Finger Pinch Guards – This is a sponge attached to the edge of the door to prevent the door from slamming shut on little fingers. 

Protect little ones from sharp edges with adhesive corner and edge guards, which pad 

any sharp corners on furniture, doors, windows, etc. Prevent children from pulling all your drawers out and hurting themselves if the contents fall on their heads: use drawer latches.

Kitchen Safety for Your Child
Keep liquor, medicines and chemicals in the highest cupboards.

Secure cupboard doors with a small padlock or combination padlock, not just a safety latch.

Install safety plugs to block electrical sockets when they are not in use.

Keep all cable cords as short as possible. If they are too long, use a reel winder or cable organiser to prevent children from chewing live wires.

Fit special childproof latches on doors of fridges, as well as on other appliances such as ovens.

Prevent children from turning on the stove with secure covers for the knobs.

Bathroom Safety for Your Child

Keep toilet lids closed at all times with a latch. Use a soft shield around the bathtub tap to keep your baby’s head safe from bumps during bath time. 

Use non slip strips on the bottom of the tub and on the floor to prevent slipping