How To Paint The Right Way?

Step 1 Prepare the surface

  • Wash and clean the wall.
  • Fill up any holes with filler.
  • Scrape away any areas of old or loose paint.
  • Brush off any sand debris.

Step 2
Tape up the light fixtures, sockets and other fittings with masking tape to prevent them from being splashed with paint.

Step 3
Apply the primer or sealer.

Step 4
Apply the undercoat.

Step 5 Apply the finishing coat

  • Start with the ceiling.
  • Then paint the woodwork around the doors and windows.
  • Next, paint the wall.
  • After that, do the cornices and finally paint the skirting.

Step 6
Paint the difficult areas first – like edges and corners.

Step 7
Use a brush or a roller; a roller is easier and faster but uses up more paint. Start at the top corner of one wall. Apply the paint in overlapping strokes from top to bottom. Continue until the wall is finished; then proceed to the next wall until all walls have been painted.

Step 8
Always paint two coats of finishing paint. Ensure that the first coat is completely dry before applying the second coat.