Basic Hand Tools in Your Toolbox

Putty Knife
Useful for applying putty, glue, etc. and for scraping residual substances when cleaning a surface for painting.

Adjustable wrench
For holding items firmly and for twisting.

Combination (ring and open ended) wrenches/spanners
For specific nut sizes, in imperial and metric.

Adjustable Spanner
Used for unusual sized nuts or in place of a standard, fixed, open-ended spanner.

Mains Test Pen
Test safely for live electrical wires. A light in the screwdriver lights up when you touch a live wire with the metal tip.

Set of Screwdrivers
Philips and flat screwdrivers
The 2 basic sizes for Philips screwdrivers are #2 and #3.
The 2 basic sizes for flat screwdrivers are ¼” and 3/16”. 

Wire Stripper/Cutter
For electrical jobs such as splicing and fitting plugs.

Measuring Tape
3 metres is basic for most household tasks. Some have tape locks on them, which is very helpful if you are working alone.

Linesman Pliers
Useful for twisting cables and general gripping.

Needle nose Pliers
Long nose pliers to get into difficult-to-reach places.

Useful for most small cutting and sawing jobs. Different blades with different numbers of teeth for working with wood and metal can be fitted.

Claw Hammer
For nailing and removing nails.