D.I.Y Guides

We believe empowering our customers with the skills to DIY is the best way you would enjoy shopping at Home-Fix. With the various home improvement tips posted, ranging from lightings, electrical, car care, gardening, security, deco, power tools and etc, we aim to equip you with adequate knowledge to DIY.

With Paint Remover Apply thick layers of paint remover and spread evenly with a paintbrush. Remove as much paint remover as possible with a metal scraper. Steel wool helps to remove more stubborn patches of old paint. When finished, wipe the surface with white spirit. With Sanding An electric sander…
WeightFluid/Liquid   To convert: To: Multiply by: Kilograms Grams 1000 Kilograms Pounds 2.2 Grams Ounces 0.035 To convert: To: Multiply by: Litres Millilitres 1000 Quarts Litres 0.946 Gallons Litres 3.785